Shark Tale

As long as anyone could remember, Lenny was a different kind of shark.
I don't know how else to say this to you, Lenny. You see something, you eat it, period. That's what sharks do. You got to understand, when you look weak, it makes me look weak.
I know.
Right here, in front of me now, eat this.
Aw, jeez, Hap, here's the thing. I'm a... I'm a vegetarian.
You're a good person.
Oh no!
As long as anyone could remember...
...Oscar was always in trouble.
It's a sure thing.
He tripped underwater. Who trips underwater? And by the way, on what?
That's it!
All right!
I want you to find the deepest darkest hole in the ocean and put him in it!
Oh no!
Then, the little fish told a great white lie.
Oscar, did you kill him?
Yeah, yeah, exactly... exactly how it looked, that's how it is. Remember this name: Oscar the Shark Slayer!
You lied! Everybody thinks you slayed the shark!
Coming soon...
You need to slay a shark, and I need to disappear. Here's what we're going to do.
Ta-ta-ta-ta! Oh yeah!...from the studio that brought you Shrek.
Yo, Angie needs to get her freak on. Come on, Ange, dance with me, momma! Lookie here! Uh! Woo! Ha, ha, ha! Keep up with me! Don't let me lose you!
What'd he do? What'd he do? I can't see it!
Featuring Oscar...
Sharks are coming to get me!
...Angie ...
Sometimes I want to take your big dumb dumbie head and just...
...Lola ...
Just show those sharks who's boss.
...Lenny ...
Here I come! Ta-da!
...Don Lino ...
I tell you what's what, and what?
What what?
What what nothing. You said what first.
I didn't say what first.
...and Sykes.
You said "and then what" and I said "what?"
No, I said what what.
You said what first.
Shark Tale.
Now snap your fin right on the... Snap it. See, you're not snapping it.
Oh, hey, don't sweat it. A lot of white fish can't do it.